Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
Rebuilding the Warn M11 Hub

I was loosing oil out of the left front hub, so I decided to see if I could repair them.
Disassembly of the M-11 hub is pretty straight forward.  Remove the 6 bolts holding the selector from the hub body.  Remove the steel roller pins from the selector housing.  Remove the snap ring from the selecter and then unscrew the knob, removing it from selector housing.
Remove the split pin, unscrew the nut and washer.  Then slide the main body off the half shaft.
After unscrewing the center of the selector there is an allen head screw holding the brass knob from the threaded section.  There is a rubber o-ring around the brass knob.  I took the o-ring to the local hardware store and was able to find somem of the same size.
I took the time to clean all of the pieces thoroughly.  I then polished the face of the brass selector slightly and painted it.  Here is the final hub all assembled.

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