Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
Interior Modifications

I made up a center tunnel from sheet metal.  I alos threaded the ends of the Dana 18 sticks to take the Rover colored knobs.  So just like the Rover Yellow is 2WD-4WD and the Red is Hi-Lo.
I built the transfercase so that I can go into 2WD Lo range if needed.
The fourth lever is for the Saturn Overdrive.

My new instrument cluster.  An oval shaped pod that contains:  Amp, Volt, Water Temp, Exhaust Temp, Oil Temp, & Oil Pressure.
Above this is the Diesel Tach, an OverDrive Warning Light, Glow Plug Switch, Fuel Pump Switch, Glow Plug Warning Light, and H2O in Fuel Warning Light.
The GPS is mounted on a swivel bracket above the stock center cluster.  It can be turned so either driver or navigator can use.

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