Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
New Salisbury

I wanted to reliably put all this power to the trail so I knew from the beginning that I wanted a Salsibury.  Matt Savage in the UK had a great deal on an ex-MoD unit.  With shipping the thing cost me $600.00.  It took 6 weeks, but I wasn't in a hurry.
I stripped the unit down and used POR-15 on all the parts.  New seals, wheel cylinders, shoes, and steel line were installed.
I had Tom Wood build up a custom drive shaft for the Rover.  This is a double caradan jointed, long travel slip joint unit.
This is the bussiness end of the new shaft.  The double joint means the output flange on the t-case and the drive flange on the pinion do not need to be exactly parrallel.  I am getting zero vibration from the drive line.

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Rebuilding the Front Axle