Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
The Cooling System

Now that the engine was in and running, it is time to make a more permanant radiator support. 
I wanted to try and keep the stock look of the Series front end.  So I drilled out the spotwelds holding the Breakfast together.  The front panel was then sandblasted and painted.  I made up a frame work that would hold the radiator, support the front panel, provide a mount for the fan, and attach to the wings.


Just to the lower left of the water pump pulley can be seen the lower radiator hose attachment point.  It is hard to see at this angle, but the angle formed between the water pump and the lower fitting on the radiator is very tight.  I attempted to use the stainless steel flex hose from Summit, it made a good leak free attachment, but I had some cooling issues under extreme use.  It is thought that the tight bends and the accordinan like hose cause to much flow resistance.

So I used the stock 6.2 radiator hoses.  Cut the ends off and joined them together with a piece of exhaust pipe and some hose clamps.  This allowed me to swivel the hose ends, so they fit the radiator correctly.
Here is the new Griffin, 2 core, aluminum, racing radiator and a large electric cooling fan from Summit Racing.  The radiator is designed for any GM small block application.  So of course it isn't quit right for the 6.2 diesel.  The radiator that was in the donnor truck is 42" wide, the Rover engine bay is only 31" wide.
Here is a shot with the front panel mounted.  The panel is only 2" forward of the stock location.  With a thin strip accross the top it is really hard to notice any difference with the bonnet in place.  But the radiator is 1" from the water pump pulley and there is no room infront for the oil cooler.  So I mounted the front panel flush with the front of the wings.  The metal support frame has holes in it that match the stock breakfast to wing mounting position.  Then more holes where drilled at the front of the wings for the panel.

The front end with the stainless steel radiator hose. 
The oil/power steering fluid cooler is mounted just behind the grill.  The electric fan is between the cooler and radiator.  I want to get a second 18" fan and mount it on the back side of the radiator.
With the exception of steep hill climbs, like Snoqualmie Pass on I-90, this engine runs cold, arround 160 degrees.

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