Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
Preparing the Power Plant
new engine.jpg (50352 bytes) This is the 'new' engine.  It is a 1984, GMC, 6.2 liter, J code diesel with 102,000 miles on it.   It was mated to a TH 400 automatic tranny.  I wanted to stay with a stick so I found a second hand GMC SM-465 four speed. 

GM uses a centered rear output, offset right front output transfer case.  The Rover has both the front and rear outputs offset right.  To go from the GMC transmission to the Rover transfercase I would need to have an adapter made up.  Old Jeeps and Scouts use a Dana-18 transfer case which has the same offsets as the Rover case.  Adapters to go from GM transmissions to the Dana-18 are available from Novak Adapters and Advance Adapters.

So I sourced a used Dana-18 t-case.  I now had the basic components for the swap.

engine02.jpg (41558 bytes) I began by disassembling everything.  I purchased a large Rubbermaid Roughneck storage tote.  Filled it with a mixture of Borax, and Simple Green.  Placed the parts in the tote overnight and they would be stripped down to the bare metal.  After coming out of the tote the parts were washed with hot water and Dawn dishwashing detergent.   After the parts were dry I wiped everything with Acetone.  Internal parts were wiped down with oil and placed into zip lock bags.  External engine parts and cover plates from the tranny and t-case were painted with engine enamels. 
engine04.jpg (39166 bytes) The transmission case and t-case body were painted with POR-15.
engine03.jpg (38223 bytes) Transfer case parts.  Novak has a rebuild kit that includes all the bearings, seals, and gaskets.   They also have a stronger intermediate shaft kit.  Advance Adapters has a 3.15:1 low range kit.  So when it was all done only the front output shaft, front shaft lockup, and rear output shaft are original, the rest of the inside of the t-case is all new.
engine05.jpg (44209 bytes) The Novak adapter kit includes a new tranny main shaft.  This allows for a one inch thick adapter.   Other adapter kits use a spud shaft that slides over the stock main shaft, but then has a 5-6 inch adapter plate.  I really like the Novak kit.  This creates a 13 inch overall transmission/adapter assembly.  I also ordered their SM-465 rebuild kit which included all new bearings, seals, and gaskets.  Here I am pressing all of the components onto the new shaft.
engine08.jpg (41228 bytes) Here is a view of the rear of the tranny with the adapter plate, and tcase installed.  The silver component on the back of the t-case is the Saturn Overdrive from Advance Adapters.
engine06.jpg (46545 bytes) Side shot of the new power plant.
engine07.jpg (41599 bytes) Rear shot of the new power plant.
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