Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
Power Steering

The first step for me was to notch my frame rail.  I had to do this so that when the box got mounted, the steering arm wouldn't hit the underside of the frame.  After everything was completed I completed boxed the cut.
I then drilled some holes and bolted up the gear box. 
I took the GM tilt column from the donnor vehicle and shortened it so it would fit in the rover.
I used a combination of parts from the GM linkage and the Scout linkage to make up the steering shaft.  After it was in I was able to test out everything and ensure everything was working properly.
I then contacted Flaming River and ordered a new steering shaft.
The Flaming river shaft is a stainless steel slip joint with nickle plated steel ends.  The ends feature needle bearing u-joints.
The final step was to make up custom stainless lines for all the power stearing lines and install the power steering fluid cooler.

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