Great Rover Rebuild of 2002
Preparing the Body

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This is where it all began.  On Friday, February 1st, I started having problems with the brakes.  The vehicle would pull violently to the right when braking.  Turned out the master was pumping air into the lines.  No matter what I did I wasn't able to get the air out of the lines.  So I decided to begin the overhaul. 

At this point all that has been removed are the front end body panels, roof, doors, and the brake tower.  I plan on stripping her down to a bare bulkhead.

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All the Rover stuff has been removed.   Brakes, clutch, accelerator, steering, powerplant, and front axle.  I cut out the radiator support crossmember and battery tray.  I still need to remove the heater box and finish stripping all the paint on the bulkhead.  When I repaired the bulkhead originally I painted it with rustoleum.  I decided to do the POR-15 treatment.   So I stripped the bulkhead back to bare steel.

I was going to widen the transmission tunnel area and weld closed the many holes in the bulkhead.
firewall01.jpg (64812 bytes) The passenger side footwell will be narrowed by 3 inches.  A cut was made in the transmission tunnel and a second was made 4 inches into the footwell.
firewall02.jpg (53277 bytes) The piece that was removed then had 3 inches from the footwell side cut off.
firewall03.jpg (56442 bytes) This was then welded back onto the open end of the footwell.  A 3 inch wide strip of sheet metal was welded into place in the center of the transmission tunnel.  I also made some gussets from 14 gauge sheet to strengthen the corners.  This is about half way through the re-welding.  It does get better.

A lot of stripping still to do.  After it's all back to the bare steel, cleaned with PORs Marine Clean and then sprayed down with Metal Prep.  After letting the Metal Prep work overnight, the bulkhead was painted with POR-15 and then Chassis Black.   The final step will be to cover the bulkhead inside and out with a flexible truck bed liner.  I plan on doing the entire interior this way and hope it helps cut down on the noise.
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